Born in LONDON in April 1974
My Londoner Mum Tina was a dancer..She danced for Princess Grace Kelly!
My milanese Dad was a croupier and restaurants owner.
Raised in Sanremo by the sea, close to Cote d’Azur (France)

Visual arts South Devon College Torquay
Scuola Politecnica di Design Milan

Based in Milan since 2000, travel quiteI hate to feel being a tourist so I love to travel for being my friends or for business projects. I want to go to Mongolia one day

Living in a loft (ex-barn dated 1860) surrounded by natural light, books, music, affiches, plants and 2 beloved cats.

Author and designer of Nina and other little things
Graphic Professional Designer | Art Director | Set up designer for:
Fashion designers: Antonio Marras | Kenzo
Luxury brands: MOGIcaffe | Markskynrypppy | Chantecler Jewels

Region Ile-de-France (Culture Urban development
Le Corbusier Foundation
IED Milano

Inspired by designers, artist and special minds:
Bruno Munari (Italian inventor architect designer)
Osvaldo Canvandoli (Italian cartoonist)
Charles Schultz (American cartooninst)
Saul Steinberg (Jewish cartoonist)
Gerard Hoffnung (Jewish cartoonist)
Ives Saint Laurent (French fashion designer)
Chilly Gonzales (Canadian pianist)
Xavier Dolan (Canadian film director)
Dian Fossey (English animalist)



- You create Nina, a little Pupetta, when, why and how ? How is she?
I first designed her on my notebook sitting on a pavement at 4 am in town during the Milan design week in april 2005...I clearly remember that evening, exiting and blooming of imputs, Ive been through many vernisages (and proseccos...), happy crowds, meeting smart designers... then I sat down on the floor to have a rest... As soon as her got shape on the sheet I simply exclaimed NINA!, and then she was: a pupetta made of a irregular circle (head), a triangle (body), 2 long lines (legs) and a short one on the face wich gave her the glance. That night I runned at home and gave her colour, red, which was the first pastel colour Ive found on my messy desk...then she became a red pupetta. I believe Ive designed Nina because I needed her. At the time I was employed in a advertising agency in which pure creativity was not the most important value..but visual marketing..and this was so opposite to my personal sensitive pulse and made me feel sad and frustrated...but thanks to this Ive created my little escape through the window, my imaginary friend, my accomplice of thoughts, only mine. From that special spring night Ive never stopped drawing her, not even one day since then.

You are an designer/illustrator, how did it happened?
As anybody my life changed during the years: stops, re-births, acellerations since the first days. I was born in London but immediately brought to Italy in Sanremo, I was only 2 months old and I couldnt replicate:). I had a chance in 1994 as my mother lives in Uk to attend a one year school of visual arts, but I came back to Italy...guess why? Love!...I was 26, carrying a calm normal life in this pretty sea-town, everything looked established: import marketing assistant, boyfriend, house, car, dog..but something wasnt right to me...I didnt feel full, a gap of expression I suppose, I knew I should have been somewhere else, doing other things. Then on a Friday of October I resigned from my very good job and on Monday I was in Milan at 9 o clock attending my first lesson of visual perception by the Scuola Politecnica di Design... It was my first contact with art and design taught by prestigoius maestros like Bruno Munari, Gio Ponti, Max Huber, an historical school inspired and based on Bauhaus movement. This was the place to be, I was so self conscious! A lovely feeling, that was my 1st rebirth. The complice of this blooming period has been Milan, a lively stimolating and beautifully di- screte place to live and work. The second re-birth took place in 2008 by meeting Paolo Bazzani at his milanese studio whi- ch I crossed by coincindence, this things constantly happens in Milan... Ive been so lucky to meet and work with one of the most skilled, dreamful modest maestro in Italy who art directed the fashion shows (Milan and Paris) for Antonio Marras and Kenzo and collaborate to projects for Venice Art Biennale, Museum design events and fine editorial projects. NINA at the time was still just a illustrated presence on the blog and on one of my first crea- tions: the Rag books, hand-made pocket silk-printed cotton pages stitched together. Thanks to it the journalists started to show interest and published Nina on magazines as Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Vogue and Elle..I couldnt believe it! The shops in Milan started asking me more and more products, a collection..a collection? I didnt have one! In the meanwhile NINA grew with me, giving her a character, a mind, feelings, day by day. After 3 years Paolo finally understood I couldnt work so much: daylight by his studio, night time on Nina. My boss then became my partner in developing NINA on her natural habitat: pa- per projects.

What it poetic design for you?
For me poetic design means a simple sign, lightness, the words not said but immagined. The poe- tic comes from the eyes looking at it. I love for example the awesome drawings of Saul Steinberg, of Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli, and not last the Peanuts by C.Schulz..so simple... so philosophical. NINA has no mouth but she communicate, she has no arms or hands but she makes things happen. How? With your immagination. She lives in a ivory limbo, which gives plenty of space for thoughts and evocation. She is yours...many times some nice people told me they feel a little NINA inside them, I call it poetic design.

-Are you drawing or using a graphics software?
Ive started drawing by hand all Ninas postures and sequences, than I synthesize them on a com- puter and then I draw with my beloved and trustful Mac. The mouse is actually an ex- tension of my hand, its so natural for me. I still create commissioned art-works by hand, for example quite big canvas with paper cut-out techinique which gives a blooming and tridimen- sional effects. Ive exhibited in a art-gallery in Genoa as well.

- You are doing a lot of products, cards, objects, calendar, books, how its working? Do you draw everything by yourself ? Or do you have some people working with you? How are you organised to work? Are you going to professional exhibitions?

Since 2010 till last december 2014 Ive created a collection (autoproduction) of fine stationary made of 20 different paper objects: from deck of cards, to special flip books, to pop-up lamp books, all limited editions made by the exellence of Italy: artisanal manufactures. Ive start selling to Japan and listen listen to Colette Paris (the place to be)! At the end I had a connection of 40 shops....it was becoming to tough for me, I almost did everything: pro- totypes, research, production, administration, logistic, website, all so- cials, packagin, national and international exhibitions (Paris, Brussels), interviews...I was loosing my pure role of desi- gner...and dreamer. You can be a designer + business woman only if you have a good amount of money to start with so that you can invest in collaborators, I did have a good business partner but wasnt enough. At the breaking point came the 3 rebirth: two very important French companies, Clairefontai- ne and multinational Hachette Books asked my Italian Master Licensee Agency, Dic2, the rights on Nina in order to create and distribuite brand new collections. Since the beginning of 2015, thanks to licences contracts the brand had an incredbile boost. My agent started submitting me very good contratcts. All the companies interested in the brand were also very close to the values and concept of NINA: hight quality, any product must be perfect and poetic, importance to details. Nina and other little things has been successfully launched by Clairefontaine - which covers all Europe but mostly France and Belgium - with a awesome collection of stationary, fancy acces- sories . Then two books have been published: -Mon carnet de Grossesse- and -Mon album de Bebe- which happened to be the best selling book within the maternal department. NINAs product are sold in the most important - and quality - shop chain stores and moreover into the prestigious museums gift shops, for example Centre Pompidou in Paris and La Triennale Museum in Milan. The brand is present in Russia, and noise corridors stated that shes selling better than Walt Disney items (!!!!).. In short time the brand will be in Taiwan as well with customized I-pass Cards, sold by the Public Transportation Department. In 2016 the Department of ILe de France, Ministere of Culture commissioned me to develope the visual identity of the 1st Edition of the Heritage days of Culture. Has been a great success, we are already working on the 2nd edition 2017. At the end of March - in Spain and Portugal - a new collection of Homeware & underware will be launched on the market...and right now Im ending some editorial projects for Usa market. Do you have other projects/ideas for a new creature ? Or other projects? Or personnal projects?
Never ask a creative designer a question like this....could be endless. Ill try to be short: Id love to create short animations with Nina. You may see 2 of them on the web- site even if they are very old (Ninas has changed a lot since then) they absolutely express NINAs poetic design. I have in mind a few storyboards/sequences to be developed...would be such a goal to see a short poetic break on tv or on web channels. In this case Im waiting the sky to send me a media producer company. Then Id love to create an app for smart phone...next year! In any case Id like Nina to be a messenger of poetic design and respect for living creatures and our planet. Im very close to these issues which I found fundamental, more than wars and other horrible things made by humans for humans. Next month Ive a meeting with a person in charge of the internation Action Aid (childrens distance adoption) to think about a collabo- ration, in case also Save the children could be interested. On the other side Id love to collaborate with Greenpeace, WWF, Peta or other special organizations. All products of Nina are carried on and manufactured considering -green values-. Nina will never ever be manufactured or associated to animal products, fashion or food, whatexver...Ive already proudly declined some potential customers dealing with leather. Besides Ninas author Im also the art-director for a pair of brands positioned in luxury, which gives me the opportunity to express myself and diversify my creative work and give me the chan- ce to travel the world. Ive been designing a coffe-concept store in Shanghai and artDirecting an italian music group, so exiting! And guess what...I still have time to meet my beloved friends, fall in love, run in the park with no destination and drink a flute of prosecco with calm and joy kissed by a surprising sunset in Milan.