2009, Jun–

NINA AND THE RAIN - Perspectivness

In the future she might be look so different, she changes every instant. //Handmade storyboard
//Animated as we were in the 50's by friend Enrico Di Giglia
//Music: Chilly Gonzales | "Gogol" | Album: SOLO PIANO 2004.
(Almost the only music Nina can perceive from the real world.)

• • •

NINA is a little «red pupetta» wearing a red dress and a hat.
She’s a delicate thought and moves around with ironic grace, sometimes melancholia...
She explores the inside and the outside, the YOU and ME.
She silently observes & thinks about little things
Nina is the sweet positivity of the eyes looking at her
Nina is a drop of grace in our lives.
Here she is.




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